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Animation Basics in After Effects

Animation Basics in After Effects

Animation Basics in After Effects
Video: 1920x1080, ts, 8 bits | Audio: AAC-LC, 2 channels | Genre: eLearning
Software: After Effects | Level: Basic | Duration: 1.5+ hours | Language: English | File size: 523.28 MB

Learn the set of fundamental things to the animation and stylization by recreating the expressive bird masterpiece.
What will I learn?
Animation of a Bird
We will make the main movements of a bird and use some principles of Disney animation.
Animation of a Bird
Background Animation
Let’s loop the background and set up the anticipation and overshoots.
Background Animation
Secondary Animation, Liana and Trees
We will figure out how to achieve the natural reaction of the liana and trees and synchronize all the elements together.
Secondary Animation, Liana and Trees
Animation of the Rabbits
We will make the animation of the rabbits and the reaction of the environment.
Animation of the Rabbits
We will learn how to create a crisp texture and apply it to the objects.

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