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Transitions V.5 22834323 - Premiere Pro Templates (Videohive)

Transitions V.5 22834323 - Premiere Pro Templates (Videohive)

Transitions V.5 22834323 - Premiere Pro Templates (Videohive)
Version Premiere Pro CC 2015 and above | Resizable | 9 August 19 | No Plugins | 546 mb

Over 1400 Professional Seamless Transitions for Premiere Pro Transitions Library contains more than 1200 ready to use presents which can help you make your unique video on a professional level. Glitch, Panoramic, Roll, Twist, Glass, Light Leaks, Offset, Shake, Stretch, Split, Optics, Zoom and many other. Every category contains different elements and creates unique stylish look. Apply a preset in one click just by drag-and-drop method.
Technical Requirements
To use Our Transitions you need Premiere Pro since CC 2015( ver 10.3 ) and above, also you need any graphic card
All transitions works fine with any types of graphic cards(AMD, RTX, GTX, INTEL GRAPHICS and other.)
All transitions works fine with any of these type of renders(OPEN CL, CUDA, METAL)
Added Exclusive AMD Version with exclusive transitions. Works in Premiere Pro since CC 2018(12.1.2)

Premade Resolutions
FullHD – 1920x1080 (works since CC 2015)
HD – 1280x720 (works since CC 2015)
Vertical – 1080x1920 (works since CC 2018)
Instagram – 1080x1080 (works since CC 2018)
GoPro – 2704x1520 (works since CC 2018)
DCP Flat – 1998x1080 (works since CC 2018)
DCP 4K Scope – 4096x1716 (works since CC 2018)
DCP 4K Flat – 3996x2160 (works since CC 2018)
DCP 2K Scope – 2048x858 (works since CC 2018)
4K UltraHD – 3840x2160 (works since CC 2018)
4K Full Frame – 4096x3072 (works since CC 2018)
4K DCI – 4096x2160 (works since CC 2018)
4K Academy – 3656x2664 (works since CC 2018)
6K – 6144x2592 (works since CC 2018)

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